Best Vets in Murfreesboro, TN

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When looking for the best vets in Murfreesboro, TN, you need to consider the services they offer, their location, the availability of parking, multi-pet appointments, and the availability of an in-house pharmacy and lab. They should ideally provide in-house diagnostics, emergency 24/7 services, and routine and wellness packages.

Based on real user reviews, we have enlisted ten of the best vets in the Murfreesboro area.

Top 10 Best Vets in Murfreesboro, TN

easyVet Veterinary Clinic

As the name indicates, easyVet veterinary clinics make it very easy to schedule your pet’s veterinary care. You can schedule visits online and they make sure to give you more one-on-one time with a knowledgeable vet. 

Your pet can get routine exams, vaccines, wellness plans, and more – all under one roof. Their prices are super affordable (because they do not have in-house surgeries). However, they have partnered up with other vet facilities that offer surgeries in the event your pet needs one. easyVet Clinics also have wellness plans to help pet owners save loads of money.

Address – 2705 Old Fort Pkwy, Ste. M Murfreesboro, TN 37128
Phone – (615) 285-5747
Social – Facebook
Reviews – Google, Yelp

Brogli Lane Weaver & Alexander Animal Hospital 

At Brogli Lane Weaver and Alexander Animal Hospital, your pet will receive core care such as vaccinations and other preventative care, routine checkups, geriatric pet care, dental care, and more. They also have emergency care, surgery, special nutrition counseling, cold laser therapy, and acupuncture. Brogli Lane Weaver and Alexander Animal Hospital consists of a team of compassionate and highly skilled vets. They aim to provide multi-modal care customized for your pets’ needs.

Address – 1807 NW Broad St., Murfreesboro, TN 37129 
Phone – (615) 307-6071
Email – [email protected]
Social – Facebook
Reviews – Google

Savannah’s Crossing Veterinary Hospital

Savannah’s Crossing Vet Hospital comprises a team of animal lovers who are dedicated to giving the best veterinary care to pets. They offer dental care, routine vaccinations and wellness checkups, in-house diagnostics, and digital radiography. They also provide health certificates for traveling pets, chemotherapy, spay/neuter surgery, orthopedic care, etc.

Address – 2395 New Salem Hwy, Suite O Murfreesboro, TN 37128
Phone –  (615) 410-7697
Reviews – Google

Animal Medical Center

This center offers 24/7 emergency pet care and routine care. They also have dental care, surgery suites, and a dog boarding facility in case you need to travel. The facility offers a range of diagnostic services and in-house vet labs to accurately diagnose your pet’s medical condition and customize treatment plans according to its needs.

Address – 234 River Rock Blvd., Murfreesboro, TN
Phone – (615) 622-2114
Reviews – Google

Veterinary Associates of Murfreesboro

You can count on Veterinary Associates of Murfreesboro, TN, to provide your pets with cutting-edge veterinary medical care. The facility offers wellness and preventive care, vaccinations, complex surgeries, and advanced diagnostics under one roof. They also offer dental care, online pharmacy, hospice, euthanasia, wellness exams, parasite prevention, heartworm testing, blood screening, rabbit and exotic animal care, geriatric care, etc.

Address – 2114 N. Thompson Ln., Murfreesboro, TN
Phone – 615-895-1240
Email – [email protected]
Reviews – Google

CreekWood Veterinary Hospital

Creekwood Veterinary Hospital offers complete veterinary care with the state of the art facilities. They have multiple exam rooms, on-site labs and diagnostics, digital and dental X-rays, and surgery suites. They also offer a boarding facility if you need to travel for work or pleasure.

Address – 4520 Veterans Parkway, Murfreesboro, TN 37128;
Phone – (615) 956-2525
Email – [email protected]
Social – Facebook, Instagram
Reviews – Google

Stones River Veterinary Hospital

The dedicated team at Stones River Veterinary Hospital is equipped to handle pets of all ages. They have an in-house lab, a digital X-ray unit, and a dentistry unit. They also have a pharmacy. You can avail of routine pet care services, vaccinations, worm prevention, microchipping, chiropractor services, and luxury boarding.

Address – 3164 Memorial Blvd., Murfreesboro, TN 37129
Phone –  615-410-7091
Email – [email protected]
Social – Facebook
Reviews – Google

Family Pet Health

Family Pet Health Clinic is the first fear-free certified health clinic in the Murfreesboro, TN, area. The professionals are all fear-free certified, and experienced in handling anxious dogs. They also use the latest technology to diagnose and treat your pet quickly. In addition to dogs and cats, they also offer care for exotic pets like guinea pigs. You can also request appointments 24/7 and refill your pet’s prescriptions online.

Address – 3907 Richard Reeves Dr., Murfreesboro, TN 37127
Phone: 615-907-8387
Email: [email protected]
Social – Facebook
Reviews – Google

BluePearl Pet Hospital

This emergency vet hospital serves the Murfreesboro and Middle Tennessee areas. Seconds count when your pet needs emergency care. At BluePearl Hospital, a team of experienced veterinarians, vet technicians, and support staff is always available and ready to provide your pet with comprehensive and compassionate care. They have in-house X-rays, ultrasounds, and laboratory tests for quick diagnosis.

Address -2223 NW Broad St, Murfreesboro, TN 37129
Phone –  615-890-1259
Email – [email protected]
Social – Facebook
Reviews – Google

Warren Animal Hospital

Dr. Matha A. Warren and her dedicated staff at Warren Animal Hospital have been providing compassionate pet veterinary care since 1990. They offer complete wellness care, dental care, radiology services, medical baths, acupuncture, laser light therapy, spay and neuter services, microchipping, medicated baths, and more.

Address – 3461 Lebanon Pike, Murfreesboro, TN  
Phone – 615-895-8126
Email – [email protected]
Social – Facebook
Reviews – Google

[email protected]


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